Monday, August 3, 2015

Time is flying by

Wow this week came and went like a flash.  I guess that's how life is when you're working hard. I have a new companion named Elder Maimo and he's super cool and also super crazy sometimes haha. He's from Argentina but in the Patagonia, which is like almost the end of the world. Antarctica is a 2 hour flight from his house.  He has 2 months left and so he knows a lot. I learn more and more every day how to be a better teacher. He also jokes around that he'll have 3 kids in primary by the time I get home. Hahahaha probably true.

My companion and I found more new investigators this week than all of last transfer and this sunday we had 5 at church and we could have 10 this Sunday. Woooooo!  Life is moving so fast I have no time to sit and look around and take it all in sometimes! It's already August 2015, soon it'll be August 2016 (that makes my head hurt.)

This week I decided  to put all my English books in my suitcase and just go all out Spanish and it's been helping a lot!  Sometimes I just feel weird speaking English and other times I miss speaking it. Hahaha it's a real love hate relationship. I'm getting roasted out here in the sun. I'm thinking about buying a sombrero so I don't die. They say that it's going to be like this for the rest of the month (so just a heads up I may look Mexican when it comes September.) 

More next week and pictures also! love you all! I love this gospel and I love the work! It's truely a blessing to be a servant of the Lord and bless people's lives.

Cuidense todos les amo y dios les bendiga (Take care all I love, and God bless)

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