Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mexican Independence Day

De cierto de cierto os digo, este semana fue bien chido.  (Most assuredly I tell you, this week was well cool.)

Hahaha what a week and man did it go by fast! Its probably because a lot happened.  On Tuesday it was Mexican Independence Day.  I must say Mexicans go pretty crazy about their independence. Hahaha so crazy that our mission president told us we had to be inside our house with the doors locked at 6 pm.  Hahaha.  But it's all good Elder Lopez took advantage of the opportunity and cooked up some huevos rancheros and drank a coke. Twas tranquil but very nice. :)

The next day on Wednesday we had a conference with our Mission President who shared with us as a mission how we can have more success in our areas and retain investigators.  It was such an inspiried and uplifting experience.  I received so much revelation for me and for my investigators.  I love receiving guidance and direction from my leaders.  I'm always looking for ways I can improve wether it be in teaching, leadership, or Spanish.

This week we've been teaching una joven (a youth) whose name is Gloria and she is sooooooooo awesome! One half of her family is Christian and the other Jehovahs Witness and so she came to us very confused and wanting to finding the truth. We taught her the message of the Restoration and she felt right away that it was true. She loves to read so she reads everything we give her and underlines the important parts. She's already almost done with first Nefi (Nephi) in the Book of Mormon. Hahah She went to church this last Sunday for the first time and really really enjoyed it! Also her mom owns a bunch of restaurants including one that's a sushi shop. So every time we teach her its in her moms sushi restaurant and she offers us free food every lesson every time without fail and its quite delicioso (delicious.) :)

This Sunday we also had a baptism and I had the amazing opportunity to baptize one of my favorite people I have met in the mission. His name is Didier and he's nine years old and he is so funny! He loves playing Minecraft and other video games but he's also super intelligent and leaves a lot of people dumbfounded by how much he knows. Hahaha. Elder Lopez and I always leave our lessons with him cracking up by some of the things he says and does.  At his baptism after the ordinance and the primary president gave him a CTR ring which means choose the right. Afterwards the bishop got up to welcome him to the ward and as he was getting up Didier says "Hey bishop, remember to choose the right" and the bishop said "thank you so much Didier for reminding me." It was so funny I was dying! 

Well that's all for this week. More to come next week:) I'll leave like always with my testimony that I know Christ lives. Here on my mission my love for the Savior and for what he did has grown immensely.  The fact I can represent Him in all things that I do and say is truly an honor.  Something that my mission president said this week truly touched me.  He said God loves every single one of us more than we can imagine, however He only trusts a chosen few. The few that are willing and desirous to do His will, to seek Him diligently and to follow the example He lead. I try to go out every day inviting and teaching and doing everything possible so I can have the trust of the Lord on my side. Some times I mess up and fall short however when I repent and start over again that is truly when my love for Him grows and the joy and thanks that come for the saving atonement.

I invite everyone who reads this email to search, to question and query.  What are you doing to earn the Lord's trust?  What are you doing everyday to draw closer to Him?  How have you strengthened your relationship with Him?

I love every single one of you and I love this gospel. Take care till next time!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hey everyone around the world that reads this email!  Hope all is going well with school and work and life.  Work here in Mexico doesn't seem to hold up but being busy is a good thing.

Some updates: transfers came last week and I'm still here in my area in Poza Rica with makes me super happy!  I have a new companion named Elder Lopez who is a champ and also going to finish his mission in October.  He's from Mexico City and loves eating just as much as I do haha. :) I don't know why but all of my companions in the mission have had more than 22 months in the mission, but I'm learning a lot from their experience.

Oh, I also got moved up to district leader which is a change.  Hahaha.  Everyone in my district has more than 18 months in the mission so at times its intimidating but they trust me and I trust the Lord and His ways and He truly helps me in the areas where I lack.

Last Sunday the 30th of October we had a baptism! Woooooooh their names are Yunuet and Jose and they are golden!  They have such strong testimonies and love the church.  The gospel has changed their lives so much that their mother who at first had no interest in church, is now attending and wants to take lessons because of the difference she's seen in her children.  It's so amazing to see whole families be blessed by the gospel. :)

A lot of people have asked what my area is like here in Poza Rica and or what my favorite food is, so here's a little break down for you: its small, old, and really fancy.  It is not like other areas here in Veracruz to be honest. The majority of people here are well off and so its sometimes hard to find people willing and humble enough to listen.  We work a lot with the members and they help a lot by passing references or inviting friends to activities. The ward is very big and a lot of people go each Sunday.  There's actually a handful of people here who speak English which is at times pretty nice. My favorite foods that I've eaten here are bocoles with eggs and ham and tacos al pastor. Yummy. :)

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support each week!  I love being a missionary of the Lord and serving others each day.  I'm so grateful to represent my Savior and help Him in progressing His work and His glory.  My prayers go out to all of you.  This gospel is the only way to true and everlasting happiness!  Love you all!

PS here's a picture of me and a baby armadillo.  Everybody say, "awwww."

PPS quick shout out to the Gorby family and their letters that finally came the other month. Thank you so much for everything!