Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Solstice

Well this week was extremely and incredibly hot.  I can't put into words the heat that my companion and I are walking in.  My companion and I were out walking Saturday afternoon between visits and we realized we were the only people crazy enough to be outside at that hour.  Hahaha. The streets were empty and everyone was inside as they should have been. Hahaha. 

I have a new companion named Elder Maimo from Argentina. He's medio (half) cool and also medio (half) loco haha. He's another missionary with not that much time left, but we are working hard everyday. Time is flying by!  We are working off the ward inactive list and helping people to get back to church and also teaching the references they give us. YAY! 

We are teaching this guy named Marco Antonio and his family and things are going great, but it's almost impossible to find and teach his whole family at the same time.  So we have not taught them in a while.  This week we were looking for a street (and as it happened we were no where near it) and I saw Marco Antonio and his wife outside (miracle) and they invited us in.  We taught them and committed them to be baptized.  Just another little experience where I see the Lord's hand at work :)

This week we also had a baptism. WOOOOOOOOOOO! Guadalupe is super awesome and super humble and has a strong desire to follow Christ.  I was very honored that she asked me to perform the ordinance.

I love all of you and I am so glad to be out here serving a mission, even when its a billion degrees outside, it is always worth it!  The gospel is true and Christ lives! Take care everyone!

PS There's a street here named Fresno street #representin

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