Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Lord's Errand, Not Ours

This will be a quick email as I don't have a lot of time left.

These last 2 weeks have been the busiest and also fastest weeks of my mission.  I can't believe January is basically almost done because I feel like Christmas was just last week.  These last 3 weeks I've been with my new companion Elder Herrera and he is super awesome.  I love the guy and we get along super well.  He's from Mexico City and for some reason everyone from there is super hilarious. So we are always cracking jokes and telling cool stories; the only bad thing is that he snores..  Really loud... and it's gotten to the point where I have to wear ear plugs. Hahahaha or if he's really loud I sometimes have to hit him to make him shut up. hahaha But we get along well.  He's one of the first companions that I've had in a while that has wanted to work as hard as me. Hahaha So thats what we've doing, working our tails off.

2 weeks ago we weren't having much success finding anyone. We got references. We contacted those references and weren't able to find anyone. :/ It became really discouraging at some points but it also gave us the drive to work harder.

So this week we hit the ground running, every morning, heading out sometimes at 9 teaching, finding, and going to the area of other Elders who are struggling to help them out.  We were getting home at 9:20 dirt tired.  One of those days my companion and I were out and it just so happened that nothing that we had planned turned out, lessons fell through, references we went to contact werent home, and we just felt like we weren't working.  We were just walking around from place to place.

So my companion and I just stopped and gave a prayer to the Lord, just right in the street asking Him where we should go and who we should talk to.  We started walking and get not even a half a block when me and my companion both get the impression to talk to these 2 jovens (youth) that were outside their house.  We start talking, and their names are Luis (15) and Daniel (17).  And after a few minutes we start teaching them about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and committed them to be baptized!  The Spirit was so strong, they were super cool and asked us all the right questions and they accepted to be baptized!  The Lord answered our prayers immediately and we were tools in the Lord's hands!  This is what the Gospel is all about, this is what missionary work is all about.  Every day I am blessed with the opportunity to teach repentance to the people here in Martinez in hopes that they draw closer to Christ.  The Savior lives and this is His work!  I love you all so much! The church is true! Adios!

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year, New Beginnings

Oh my goodness what a year!  Probably one of the best in my life and it happened to be the fastest year also. Hahaha like I feel it was July just a minute ago.  As always in this time of year we take time to reflect and review how we did the following year and set new goals for the next. I took time to do just that this last week and let me just say I have some great goals for this coming year. :) New Years Eve here in Mexico was quite loco. It's basically a Mexican 4th of July, where everyone goes hard core with their fire works. It was nuts and made it impossible to sleep so my companion and I sort of just drank a coke and watched some fireworks and it was a chill way to go into the new year.

"hey elder murphy did you guys baptize this last Sunday?" "why of course we did computer thanks for asking:)"

This Sunday we had a spectacular day in that the Fernando's mom, aunt and grandma all made the decision to be baptized.  In the whole time I've been seeing this family I've never seen them so happy. It was like they were glowing!  They are all so happy and now inviting all of their friends and family to church and to partake of the same happiness that they have found in their lives!

Thats all all for now sorry this email is going to be short and sweet. But I just want to leave as always my testimony that I know this is the church of God on the earth.  Christ lives and invites all to come unto Him.  This year make it the goal to draw closer to Him in service, love and humility and you come to know Him, as He is. I love you all so much!

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to write you all a quick letter of Merry Christmas!  I love this time of the year so much and makes my heart so happy and joyful to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Being in His service, doing His work here on the Earth has brought to know and love my Him so much more than I imagined.

I can remember where I was a year ago and man how quickly that year has passed.  I was super depressed, disappointed, and frustrated with myself that I was still at home and not out serving others on my mission.  I was in physical therapy for my knee and I was just getting started to move around more freely but I still couldn't do very much.  I wanted to do something if anything to give and do something good, something even if it was small, that would bless the life of someone in need.  I don't remember exactly how the thought came to me but I decided I was going to go buy a taco 12 pack at taco bell and hand out tacos to the homeless people hahah.  I went with my brother and some friends and we went out to give back and give to those who would receive little to nothing for Christmas. It was a small act of kindness that to this day I still think about.  I can remember the look of surprise and gratefulness on some of their faces to receive just a few tacos. 

My invitation to you all is this Christmas look for ways to serve than to receive.  Look for those in need and opportunities to be an instrument in the Lord's hands by blessing the lives of others.  I love this Gospel so much! I wouldn't be here if it wast true!  A Savior was born in Bethlehem and because of His birth all of us can be born again, be made new, be made clean.  He is the only way back to our Heavenly Father and the only way to true and everlasting happiness. I love you all so much I wish I could be there to give all of you a big hug!  Always remember the true meaning of Christmas because He is the Christmas.