Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Posa Rica Successes and Struggles

Mis queridos amigos, admiradores, y familia! perdóname por favor que no les escribí la semana pasada no tuve bastante tiempo. (My dear friends, fans, and family! Please forgive me for not writing last week I didn't have enough time.)

Life here in Posa Rica is nothing like how it was in Tlapacoyan in fact its the exact opposite. In Tlapacoyan there were so many humble and poor people. They were more willing to listen and be taught so we had a lot of investigators and perspective investigators. Even a half functioning ward and so forth.  But the area in Posa Rica I'm staying in is very fancy and the people are well off middle class people. Which is making it hard for us to find people.

The ward is very functioning and active and full of people who love to feed us. Hahah. So all the weight I lost in Tlapacoyan is coming back.  The area is also not as big and so we don't walk nearly as much because a lot of things are close by.  My new companions name is Elder Barrera and he's super smart and also finishes his mission at the end of this transfer.  We work well together and I've learned a lot from him. He was born in Mexico but went to high school in the US and so he knows Spanish and English perfectly. Which is a good and bad thing.  At times I get used to talking to him in English and that effects my Spanish. But I use him to translate a lot.  I'm out of time but I love you and I will send some cool pictures of us at some ruins close by! We went today and it was super cool!

Love you!

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