Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hey sorry for keeping you guys in the dark for the last 3 weeks. It's been some stressful ones but I've grown sooooo much.  My trust and faith in the Lord has grown so much and my love for this work and the Savior has developed immensely.  My companion Elder Herrera and I have been all over the place in our zone helping other missionaries and training to improve ours.  We've had a couple of people fall through on their baptisms but its helped our trust in the Lord to grow and the desire to find more prepared people increase.

2 weeks ago we found a family of five (Guillermo, Maria, Juan Carlos, Blanca, Teresa) that are progressing super well!  They all seem to have problems with one or some of the commandments but we have been teaching them in almost every lesson the importance of the Atonement and it's amazing to see how their lives and habits are changing!  The Atonement truly does have the power to change people and that change always brings blessings of long term happiness, self discipline, and understanding of the importance of the Savior in ones life.  Something that the General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ and we as a mission have been focusing on teaching repentance and baptizing converts.  I love it because it helps us as missionaries be more effective in our teaching and focus on pure doctrine - the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last night we received transfers and I'm sad to say that I am leaving Martinez for Tuxpan, the most northern part of my mission, tomorrow.  I extremely loved it here in Martinez because the people are so nice and so loving and humble and prepared to be taught.  My "new" companion will be Elder Bravo which is not really new at all because we were companions together just 2 transfers ago in Martinez.   Looks like we have to work our magic together again in Tuxpan. Hahaha really odd but I'm excited to see what happens. :)  Here are some pictures of me at a tiny waterfall near Martinez. Enjoy! And my new/old companion Elder Bravo and I at mission council a few months back.

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