Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I forgot it was 4th of July

Hey everyone, so a lot happened since I've written.  Please forgive me!

First things first, transfers came last week and I am no longer in Tuxpan but am back in Poza Rica!!!!! Woaaaah so I'm pretty stoked because I was here the same time last year and I've already seen a lot of familiar faces.  I'm in a different stake however so I have gotten to seen and experience new things. :) My new companion is Elder Morillo, he's the closest thing I've had to a gringo (non-native) companion but he's from Ecuador. He's cool and we are already working great together! We are teaching a lot of people and it looks like we will be having a lot of success here in the near future!

My last week in Tuxpan was super exciting, we got rained on.  It sucked because we got drenched but I ended the transfer with the baptism of the Fonseca family!!!!! I have not felt so much love for a family as I have for them.  It was really sad saying goodbye to them but the mish be like that sometimes. (Sorry the pic didn't come out.)

Well I have to go now.  I'm sorry I'm short on time.   Just a quick spiritual experience from church.  It was fast and testimony meeting and I love have the opportunity to share my testimony with others and hearing testimonies.  In church I was touched by the testimony of a little boy named IAN who shared, "I know that God lives and I know that He loves me, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  I don't know why but that small testimony just touched my heart it was so pure and extremely genuine.  I felt the Spirit extremely strongly and coming from Ian it made the gospel seem so simple to me.   Like Ian, I also know that God lives and that He loves each and every one of us. I've seen the love for His children numberless times on my mission and in my life.

This week I'd like to challenge each and everyone of you to write at least one thing down in your journal or agenda or somewhere every single day of how the hand of God has blessed your life.  You will begin to see how the Lord doesn't work miracles in our lives in the big things in life, but in the small details of our life.  I love you all so much take care!

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