Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hey fam! Thanks for the awesome birthday wishes and love super appreciate it!

Sorry I haven't written for a while, a ton has been going on. On December 1st I went to my first mission council and it was a super awesome experience. Because our zone reached their goal of baptisms in the month of November, President Greer took my companion and I to eat dinner at a super fancy sushi restaurant in Xalapa the night before council. Hahahah.  It was super dope and I definitely took advantage of the opportunity. ;) After that Hermana Greer (president's wife) convinced president Greer to take us to Dairy Queen. Hahahah we were stuffed. And as you can probably tell by the picture, President Greer was not to happy paying the bill.

This week we had a super fun Christmas activity in our stake with food entertainment and the whole bit.  It was an awesome opportunity to bring investigators and meet non-member friends of members. It came out great and the stake gave little gifts to the missionaries at the end.  Our zone made a choir and at the end of the night we sang some Christmas carols and not to brag but it definitely made some people cry.

Also this week I got to go visit my first area in divisions, Tlapacoyan, and go help the Elders over there and to see old faces and friends from the mission.  Ahah and finally being able to communicate with them normally. Hahahahahaha it was a super cool day!

Lastly we had a baptism  of a stud named Fernando! His sisters/cousins got baptized 2 weeks ago and he decided he wanted to also.  His whole family came to the event and all have dates to be baptized within the next coming weeks!! Such a blessing to see whole families be blessed by the gospel. :)

That's all for now ma peeps! More things to come.  Have a good week and remember the reason for the season!  Love you all and I love this gospel!

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