Monday, October 12, 2015


Conference was super good, but I had to watch in Spanish and it was not as satisfying as it would have been in English. Hearing a translator talk over the speaker made it really hard to concentrate. Haha. Plus hearing Spanish and watching someone speak it are completely different things. Hahah. So I had to really concentrate to understand the message. So yeah, this next Liahona you can be sure I'll study the heck out of it. Hahah.

(Twice a year there is a world wide church conferences where leaders of the church speak. This happened the first weekend in October. You can read what the Prophet and apostles said here. The Liahona is a church magazine that publishes stories from members, lessons to share, and uplifting thoughts. Twice a year it publishes a transcript of the General Conference addresses.)

Hope all is well at home! Everything is as good as the Coke here in Mexico! (The Coke is super good!)

I won't do an update this week because I didn't bring the cable for the camera, but we baptized this last Sunday! I  also had a ingrown toe nails taken out last week. It was super painful. That's all here. Tell everyone I love them.

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Annika said...

Elder Murphy,
What is the area/city you are living in right now? Do you feel safe there?

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