Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hey everyone around the world that reads this email!  Hope all is going well with school and work and life.  Work here in Mexico doesn't seem to hold up but being busy is a good thing.

Some updates: transfers came last week and I'm still here in my area in Poza Rica with makes me super happy!  I have a new companion named Elder Lopez who is a champ and also going to finish his mission in October.  He's from Mexico City and loves eating just as much as I do haha. :) I don't know why but all of my companions in the mission have had more than 22 months in the mission, but I'm learning a lot from their experience.

Oh, I also got moved up to district leader which is a change.  Hahaha.  Everyone in my district has more than 18 months in the mission so at times its intimidating but they trust me and I trust the Lord and His ways and He truly helps me in the areas where I lack.

Last Sunday the 30th of October we had a baptism! Woooooooh their names are Yunuet and Jose and they are golden!  They have such strong testimonies and love the church.  The gospel has changed their lives so much that their mother who at first had no interest in church, is now attending and wants to take lessons because of the difference she's seen in her children.  It's so amazing to see whole families be blessed by the gospel. :)

A lot of people have asked what my area is like here in Poza Rica and or what my favorite food is, so here's a little break down for you: its small, old, and really fancy.  It is not like other areas here in Veracruz to be honest. The majority of people here are well off and so its sometimes hard to find people willing and humble enough to listen.  We work a lot with the members and they help a lot by passing references or inviting friends to activities. The ward is very big and a lot of people go each Sunday.  There's actually a handful of people here who speak English which is at times pretty nice. My favorite foods that I've eaten here are bocoles with eggs and ham and tacos al pastor. Yummy. :)

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support each week!  I love being a missionary of the Lord and serving others each day.  I'm so grateful to represent my Savior and help Him in progressing His work and His glory.  My prayers go out to all of you.  This gospel is the only way to true and everlasting happiness!  Love you all!

PS here's a picture of me and a baby armadillo.  Everybody say, "awwww."

PPS quick shout out to the Gorby family and their letters that finally came the other month. Thank you so much for everything! 

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