Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hey everyone around the world, where ever you may be! 

Crazy busy week.  This week but full of immense blessings!  This will be a short email because I don't have much time, but I'll try my best.  My companion and I have been working like crazy trying to reactivate and energize the ward here in Tlapacoyan to come back to church.  We have a long list of in-active members and we try to visit at least one of them a week.  We've yielded some success and it's been coming along slowly.  They always invite us in with welcoming arms and offer us water (which we always accept.) And we share a message with them.

Our mission president has challenged us to teach about the law of the tithe with the members and investigators and share with them the blessings that come from being a full tithe payer.  The people here in Mexico are so humble.  Sometimes they have little to no money to barely eat each week.  But they still give their tithes to the Lord. 

I challenge each of you to keep the law of the tithe and help to edify the Lord's kingdom.  The Lord will bless you in all things spiritually and temporal even so much that you will have no room to receive all the blessings He gives. (Malachi 3: 8-10) The Lord has given you all you have, in you all have in your life He only asks you give some back. 

This week my companion (the district leader) had a leadership meeting out of town and I had to work a whole day with a male member.  Hahaha.  Me a gringo, in a land I don't know, talking with people in a language I can barely speak.  So I prayed all day and and a little into the night for the Lord's help the day before and I was blessed immensely!  I lead in lessons, contacted people and taught by the spirit all day and I grew a lot as a result.  It was awesome! And just what I needed to to continue growing as a missionary.

Adios, until next week.

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