Monday, November 7, 2016


Friends, family, and random strangers that happen to come across this email/ blog!
This week was a doozie! Transfers were this week and I'm staying here in martinez for a little bit longer. Woooh! But there were some changes. We were originally sharing the ward with sister missionaries, but in transfers they both left. Now we have the whole ward to ourselves! Yes baby more work and more blessings! So we've been working hard this week and our area is a lot bigger now. :)

We also changed houses to the sister missionaries old house, which was so much more centric to member and the chapel. (Is that a word? IDK. I don't speak much English these days.) So basically there were transfers but at the same time not.

We started off the week (Elder Villa and I) strong. We have this amazing family of three: Alma (single mom) and her 2 daughters Isairy and Almita. They are progressing amazingly and have baptismal dates on the 20th (fingers crossed).

Last Sunday when we were teaching them we got a phone call from one of the member saying that his daughter needed a blessing and was in the hospital. Well we rushed on over and found a young woman named Gabriella laying down on what seemed like her death bed. She was having hard time breathing and it seemed like she had major heart problems which cause her to convulse and shake very violently and the doctors didn't know what to do or what was wrong with her. We gave her a blessing and said many prayers and left it in the hands of the Lord. Many others in the hospital and recognized us and also asked for blessings on there loved ones (a great teaching opportunity) and we happily did so.

It was a touching experience and I could feel our Heavenly Father's love for them in every blessing.
This week was also super stressful because Maria Elena (our baptism from last month) was kidnapped and missing! It was so intense and yet it brought many people together. Everyone in the family was praying for her return (friends, neighbors and the church) and a miracle happened. She was returned alive last Friday. It was such an intense experience and yet it strengthened my testimony in prayer, that it really does have power! It was truly a miracle!

These last weeks have been so extremely stressful and eventful and I could not have gotten through it without help from my Heavenly Father. I feel that my relationship with Him has grown tremendously that last few months and for that I am eternally grateful to Him. God lives and He loves us.

I testify that this is the Lord's church here on the earth. I know this because the Lord has revealed it unto me countless times through the spirit! And in His church we are blessed to have his priesthood or the power of God given to men. This priesthood blesses countless lives from blessings the sacred ordinances necessary for salvation (Mathew 10:1). That power its real and I gained a testimony of its power yesterday when I saw Gabriela (the girl who was in the hospital) at church and completely healthy and free from the illness that held her bed ridden. Miracle! What a blessing it is that the Lord allows us to be tools in His hands and the means of blessing the lives of others.

I love you all so much and thank you for all of your prayers and support! Have an excellent week and look for the miracles that God works in our lives!

ps. The picture shows some handmade ties an hermana made for me. I needed new ones because all my mine were dirty and old. Here in Martinez there aren't many places to by cool ties, so instead we bought cool fabric and they turned out pretty dope!

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