Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Conference and New Transfer

Hey friends and fam! Sorry for keeping you guys out of the loop for a while, life has been flying by! Well first and foremost transfers have arrived and Elder Bravo and I are staying together again for the 3rd transfer and well let's just say we've been together.  We're thinking about having our wedding in July. Hahahaha lul. Not really, but he's cool and super smart and taught me a lot.  It's kind of funny because in Christmas we were companions and we called our families together and well now that we're going to be together one more transfer it means we're going to talk to families again together on Mothers Day hahaha!

I loved General Conference so much!  The talks were so inspired and also really direct and exactly what everyone needed to hear in this day in time!  I am so grateful we have inspired leaders, prophets, seers and revelators for our day that warn, direct and admonish us just as in days of old. It is truly a blessing to listen and receive personal revelation from the mouthpiece of the Lord. And to hear the guidance and warnings they give us that we may be better protected from the things that keep us from returning back to the presence of our Father.

I had so many favorite talks: from the first talk by President Eyring that made me cry I felt to that last talk by Elder Holland that left me inspired and ready to make many more changes in my life.  There were talks specified to the needs of every person no matter the situation or the trial he or she may be facing.  Some of my personal favorites were Elder Donald Hallstorm's talk about our divine identity as children of God,  Elder Gary Stevenson's talk about the priesthood,  Elder Renlund's talk about drawing near unto the Savior,  Elder Bednar's talk about always retaining a remission of our sins, Sister Bonnie Oscarson's talk laying it down about how the church is true, and President Monson's talk about priesthood power.  They are definitely talks I will be studying in the near future. if you haven't had the chance to see conference I invite you to do so and see and hear what the Lord wants us to do so that we may keep ourselves better unspotted from the world.

It's getting extremely hot here in Tuxpan and well, my skin is turning into a burnt marshmallow and its just getting hotter.  The people here are a lot more hard hearted than in Martinez, but we are having some success with the families we are teaching! This last Sunday we baptized Sindri, one of the daughters of the Hernandez family we are teaching.  The rest of her family has been really reluctant as of late to make the decision to follow Christ through baptism.  But Elder Bravo and I are fasting and praying for miracles!

I love being a missionary and I love this work! I love the chance our Father has given us to repent from the mistakes we've made and start a new every week by taking the sacrament. I'm so grateful for the Savior's sacrifice and being on His errand has made me feel so much closer to Him as I apply His atonement daily. He is the only way back to our Father in heaven and if we choose to follow Him and His example we will find a lasting happiness and peace in our lives and the strength to conquer anything that brings us down in this life. I love Him! I love repentance! I love sharing what I've found with others! Love you all have a great week!

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