Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let the field work begin

Hey everyone!

I made it safe and sound to Xalapa and I must say it's much prettier than Mexico City.  It also smells better too.  We took something like a greyhound bus here and it was about a 4 hour trip.  We had about an hour wait at the bus station before we left and we took that time as an opportunity to practice our Spanish and teach people about the Book of Mormon.  Elder Nielsen, Elder Noble, and I taught this lady about the Book of Mormon this morning and it was awesome!  She believes the words that are in it are true but for some reason only thought that the Bible is the only words of scripture she needs ... Weird.  But we also handed out 2 pass along cards!! Yaaaayyyy!

Any ways this week was super spiritual and uplifting and just a great way to end my time in the MTC.  My companion and I sang a duet for the entire MTC before a devotional and it went super well!  We do have video footage, but I'm not sure how I'll be able to send it.  I'll look into it more.  We sang "n mas cerca dios de ti" (Nearer my god to thee.)  Elder Noble has such an amazing voice, he really did all the work.  Haha.

Also this week our district decided to eat a whole carton of fruit loops (about 4 1/2 bags) in one sitting. (I don't know why we just did.)  And we destroyed!  Although the fruit loops did destroy us later the next day, hahaha.

This week we found out that one of the Hermanas (sisters - girl missionary) in our district, Hermana Bryan, would be leaving home from the MTC the same time we left for the field.  She has severe pain in her joints and at times it got so bad that she couldn't even walk.  So she had to leave until she received further treatment.  She, knowing I had returned to my mission from injury also, wondered how she could do the same when she received better treatment.  I told her everything I did to get back and much more as the spirit directed and it was a great spiritual experience.

I love you guys so much, but this all the time I got and I have to go.  I love you all!!

CCM District 14 A 

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