Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 2 MTC

Hey Everyone,

Ha ha ha ha. Yes it has been 2 weeks and I haven't broken anything! I did a lot of praying this week to make sure it didn't happen again. :) Proof prayer always works!  This week was a very long and stress filled one but I've grown so much.  I'm really thankful to my Heavenly Father for putting all these tasks in my life to help me learn and grow so much quicker!

There were so many things I wanted to tell you guys last time but wasn't able to because I ran out of time. The language is coming along so great! We share our dorms with native speakers who barely speak any English and it helps.  It's great practice to speak to them and get used to the rhythm and speed of how they talk.

Our district and I are really trying to use Spanish where ever we can to learn the language quicker and it's really helping.  I can honestly say that our Heavenly Father blesses when we are serving him and teaching his children. The gift of tongues has been such an obvious blessing in my life right now as well as for the others in my district. When we teach the spirit really does guide our thoughts and helps us say what we need to say and what the investigator needs to hear. Such a good thing to be apart of.

One of the cool things about the Mexico City MTC is we are surrounded by mountains and so at times it feels like we are at the bottom of a very large cereal bowl.  All up and down these mountains there are these Mexican house structures. (They are kind of structures, not really houses at all.)  And at night the houses light up the side of the mountains. It makes everything look super pretty.  I'll send pictures.

Last week my district as well as other districts got to see the Mexico City temple. It is one of the coolest temples I've ever seen.  We couldn't go in unfortunately because they're remodeling but we went inside the visitor center for a while and learned a ton about the growth of the church in Mexico. Super interesting! One of the sister missionaries there could speak 5 languages. Like whaaattt? (Spanish, French, Russian, Galic, and English.)

Sunday was such a spiritual day.  I love Sundays in the MTC.  We had the opportunity to fast because General Conference is next weekend.  It was great!  We got to watch an MTC devotional called The Character of Christ by David A Bednar.  I saw part of it in Provo and have raved about to everyone in the MTC as well as some of the leadership.  I guess it worked because they showed it.  It's honestly the best talk I've ever heard and I encourage everyone to read it or watch it if you can find it.  It talks about how selfless Christ is and how we better ourselves by being like him. 

Sort of a funny thing that happened this week is my companion and I locked ourselves out of our room. Ha ha. You need a key to get into our dorm and to get into the room we share.  While we we getting ready in the morning the door to our room shut while our keys were inside.  We were in our underwear. SOOOOOOOOO yeaah.  I had to borrow some clothes from our native roommates and walk across the campus in street clothes to reception for another key. Needless to say we were late for breakfast.

As I mentioned earlier a lot goes on outside the walls of the MTC.  Fireworks, cannons, and even some gun shots. But in the MTC I feel completely safe.  It really feels like we are in the world but not of it.  But they really do blow cannons and stuff everyday, because every day they celebrate a Saint. Every day is a party in Mexico. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

I love all of you so much and thanks for all the love!  I pray for you everyday!  God works milagros (miracles) and its through simple people like you and me. :)

Here's some cool pictures of me wielding some lights sabers! No Mom and Dad it wasn't while we were studying. Ha Ha.

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